General Information

Capacity Ratings

Breaking strengths shown in this catalog are based on the load a component or assembly will withstand before failing. WORKING LOAD LIMITS SHOWN IN THIS CATALOG ARE RATED AT ONE-THIRD THE BREAKING STRENGTH. Unless otherwise specified, all ratings are based on a straight tensile pull. Load directions other than straight can result in a significant reduction in breaking strength. All cargo restraining assemblies or systems are only as strong as the weakest component, including the point of attachment. CAUTION: NEVER EXCEED WORKING LOAD LIMIT.

NOTE: All products shown in this catalog are intended to be used as cargo securing devices. PRODUCTS ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR LIFTING PURPOSES.
All ratings are for products in new condition. Age, wear or damage to any tie-down system can greatly reduce its strength. All products should be inspected prior to each use.

WARNING: Products in this catalog may be subjected to dirt, mud, snow, ice, road salt, cleaning solution, etc., and therefore require inspection, cleaning and lubricating to ensure that they are in proper operating condition.

CAUTION: Webbing straps must be protected when used on rough or sharp objects. All worn, deformed or damaged products should be removed from service immediately and replaced. All Multiprens USA products shall be used in accordance with local, state, federal, and industry regulations. It is the owner and/or users responsibility to evaluate the suitability of any cargo-securing product for their particular application. Failure to follow instructions and warnings or proper use, care and inspection criteria could result in cargo damage, severe personal injury or death.


Specifications of products in Multiprens USA, Inc. catalog are subject to change without notice.


Multiprens USA, Inc., warrants for a period of 90 days from date of shipment, all cargo control products, to be free from defects in material or workmanship.

This warranty does not extend to any product that has been subject to misuse, abuse, accident, negligence, exposure to the elements, chemicals, alterations (which includes special manufacturing changes), or unauthorized repair. All returns for warranty purposes must be assigned a return authorization number prior to returning of a defective product. This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchant ability or fitness for any particular purpose. In no event will Multiprens USA, Inc., be liable for specials, indirect or consequential damages, or loss of vehicle, cargo or profits. No person is authorized to modify the preceding warranty in any manner.


The Multiprens catalog does not contain any pricing information. To get pricing information, freight policies, and terms of sale contact Multiprens USA, Inc. customer service or an authorized Multiprens USA, Inc. distributor.

Webbing Strap Assembly Warnings

  • Webbing strap assemblies must be protected when used on or over corners, edges and rough or sharp objects. All strap assemblies require inspection each time before they are used.
  • Straps that are cut, worn or otherwise damaged shall not be used.
  • Strap assemblies should never be tied into knots or allowed to become knotted.
  • All Multiprens USA straps are load control devices and should not be used for overhead lifting.
  • Synthetic web tie down assemblies should not be loaded in excess of the Working Load Limit. Consideration should be given to the angle from the vertical (cargo tie down to load angle) which affects working load limit capacity.
  • Synthetic web tie downs shall be used, checked and adjusted during transportation of cargo per federal, state, Provencal, local and industry regulations.
  • All webbing strap assemblies or systems are only as strong as the weakest component, including the point of attachment.
  • When tie downs are attached directly to cargo, they should be attached symmetrically and above the cargo’s center of gravity to reduce the tendency of cargo to overturn.
  • Do not repair webbing, hardware or stitching/sew patterns.
  • All users must be trained in tie down selection, use and inspection, cautions to personnel, environmental effects, all applicable standards, regulations and tie down practices.
  • Be alert to hazards when securing cargo.
  • Tie downs should be protected from mechanical, chemical and environmental damage.

Note: Tie down straps should be removed from service:

  • The identification tag is missing or not readable.
  • Holes, tears, cuts, snags or embedded materials.
  • Broken or worn stitches in the load bearing splices.
  • Knots in any part of the webbing.
  • Excessive abrasive wear or crushed webbing.
  • Signs of ultraviolet (UV) light degradation.
  • Distortion, excessive pitting, corrosion or other damage to buckles or end fittings.
  • Any conditions which cause doubt as to the strength of the tie down.

Winch Warnings

  • All Multiprens USA winches have been manufactured to ensure proper pawl-to-gear/sprocket engagement through the forces of gravity when positioned, installed and used properly. Winches should be installed so the user can readily see the pawl to ensure proper engagement. Winches should never be installed in a position where the user must hold the pawl to engage the gear/sprocket tooth. All winches except bolt-on, portable and slider winch designs must be welded to the trailer frame. Minimum welding requirements are 1/4-inch fillet weld, 4 inches long on both sides of the winch frame and 1/8 inch penetration. Welding may emit toxic fumes. Welding
    should be done by trained personnel with adequate ventilation and proper safety equipment.
  • When tightening or loosening winches, always maintain a firm grip on the winch tightening bar. Never release a winch bar from its leveraged position without checking the pawl to ensure that it is fully engaged between the gear/sprocket teeth. Releasing a winch bar without the pawl being properly engaged can cause serious injury to the user or bystanders. Multiprens recommends the use of a slip resistant handle winch bar specifically designed to tighten or loosen winches. Only winch bars designed to be used with winches shall be used to tension
    and release the tiedown.
  • Winches should never be used as pulling or lifting devices.
  • “Cheater Bars” or “Extenders” should never be used with winch bars.
  • Winches should never be loaded in excess of their working load limit.
  • All binders should be checked during transit and retention as required by Department of Transportation Regulations, 49 CFR part 392, Section 392.9(b)(2)&(b)(3).
  • No Repairs of winches, winch components or winch track shall be permitted.

Track Warnings

  • Welding may emit toxic fumes. Welding should be done by trained personnel with adequate ventilation and proper safety

Winch Bar Warnings

  • Inspect each winch, chain binder and/or winch bar for defects before each use. Do not use if defective; do not repair; immediately remove from service.
  • Never extend or alter the winch bar. Keep both feet flat on the ground during use.
  • This product is used entirely at the user’s own risk and the use of this product demonstrates understanding of the risks.
  • Position the body out of the rotation path in case of winch bar slippage.
  • During tightening and before releasing the tie down assembly, the winch pawl must be checked for correct engagement.
  • When using a winch bar with optional chain binder cradle with chain binders, chain binder handle must be fully inserted and securely locked in winch bar cradle. Failure to properly secure chain binder handle in winch bar cradle may cause damage or failure of the winch bar or chain binder, leading to serious personal injury or death.
  • Winch bar point must be inserted through both holes in winch cap
    during use.

Chain Warnings

  • Inspect entire chain before each use. Do not use if the chain is elongated, or has nicks, cracks, and gouges in any link.
  • Do not expose chain to temperatures outside the -40 F to 400 F temperature range or to chemically active environments such as acids and corrosive liquids.
  • Replace the chain if the material thickness at any piece of the chain link is less than the minimum thickness listed in the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM) welded chain specifications.
  • Each chain is only as strong as its weakest link, including the point of attachment.

Chain Binder Warnings

  • Inspect chain binder for defects before each use. Do not use if defective; do not repair; immediately remove from service.
  • Handle extensions (cheater bars) should not be used on any binders.
  • Binders should be matched with the equivalent grade of chain.
  • Binders should be checked and adjusted periodically during transit to maintain proper tension.
  • Never exceed working load limits.
  • Operate binders only from a firm standing position on the ground. Stay clear of handle path as it may release suddenly.
  • All binders should be checked periodically during transit and retention as required.

General Hardware Warnings

  • These items are rated with breaking strength. Listed breaking strengths do not imply any particular working load limit. It is up to the manufacturer/assembler to determine working load limit. The working load limit shall not exceed 1/3 of the hardware’s breaking strength.

Rubber Tarp Strap Warnings

  • Eye protection during connection and disconnection is required. Discard any or all Rubber Tarp Straps if cut or
    cracked or if “S” hooks are bent, damaged or corroded.
  • Multiprens Rubber Tarp Straps are designed solely to hold tarps in place. Tarp straps should not be used for restraining or securing cargo.
  • Over tensioning may cause the tarp strap to rupture!
  • Sudden rupture or sudden disconnection while in the stretched position may cause serious personal injury.

Flatbed Products

Multiprens winches offer a system for securing cargo on flatbed trailers and other vehicles. We stock a variety of winches available for specific applications.

Interior Van Products

Multiprens brings to the heavy duty trucking industry Pressure Release Load Bars. This INNOVATIVE and ECONOMICAL Pressure Release Load Bar solves the industry's problem of “blown out" trailer walls.


Multiprens USA stocks a wide variety of Exterior and Interior Ratchet Buckles, Cam Buckles, and Heavy Duty end fittings for strap assemblies.

Auto Tiedown

Multiprens USA now adds towing and hauling to our line of products for the trucking industry. Whether you are going to haul a car a truck or any other vehicle we have the tie down for your specific requirement.


Multiprens USA's newest safety and securement product line.