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RAS Reflect A Strap

New! Enchance Safety at Night using Multiprens’ RAS Straps

Multiprens’ RAS Reflect A Strap – Patent Pending

  • Made with a special polymer that when exposed to light, reflects the light back to its source.
  • Special reflective material is sewn around the edge and down the length of web to ensure visibility from all angles.
  • More visibility to other motorists.
  • Will illuminate reflectivity from any direction.
  • Drivers can see any loose straps at night.

When the sun goes down does your truckload need enhanced visibility? Multiprens’ RAS Reflect A Strap uses a high performance reflective fabric that uses glass bead technology.

The reflective fabric is secured to the tiedown webbing by stitching approximately a ¼” inside each edge of the top and bottom of the tiedown. The Reflect A Strap will illuminate at night when a vehicle’s light beams are directed at them, especially if the tractor trailer is parked or disabled.

Our new design creates a unique visibility in the freight hauling industry that is one of a kind. Multiprens USA high visibility tiedowns will enhance your freight hauling safety at night and in low light conditions.

Safety is our highest standard.

Contact a Multiprens USA customer service representative for more information.

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