2″ x 40′ Winch Strap with Item #210 Flat Hook

Item #: 2022-40
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Multiprens’ Winch Straps are manufactured with resin-coated polyester webbing for minimum stretch and maximum wear that’s required securing cargo on flatbed trailers.


1.78 kgs / 3.90 lbs


1,515 kgs / 3,335 lbs


Yellow with Black Stencil

All Multiprens Winch Straps feature heavy duty hardware.

All ratchet and winch straps are labeled to meet CVSA guidelines, DOT regulations and WSTDA recommended standards and are stenciled Multiprens USA. Contact Multiprens Customer Service for custom colors, stenciling or special cut lengths.

2″ x 40′ Winch Strap using Item #210 Flat Hook Webbing Breaking Strength: 5,454 kgs / 12,000 lbs Working Load Limit: 1,515 kgs / 3,335 lbs #210 Flat Hook Breaking Strength: 6,000 kgs / 13,200 lbs Also available in 27′ (2022-27) and 30′ (2022-30) lengths Weight: 1.77 kgs / 3.9 lbs

Assembly WLL: 1,515 kgs / 3,335 lbs

Standard Skid Pack Quantity: 10
Unit Packaging: Individually
Standard Pack Unity Quantity: 1

Webbing strap assemblies must be protected when used on or over corners, edges and rough or sharp objects. All strap assemblies require inspection each time before they are used.
Straps that are cut, worn or otherwise damaged shall not be used.
Strap assemblies should never be tied into knots or allowed to become knotted.
All Multiprens USA straps are load control devices and should not be used for overhead lifting.
Synthetic web tie down assemblies should not be loaded in excess of the Working Load Limit. Consideration should be given to the angle from the vertical (cargo tie down to load angle) which affects working load limit capacity.
Synthetic web tie downs shall be used, checked and adjusted during transportation of cargo per federal, state, Provencal, local and industry regulations.
All webbing strap assemblies or systems are only as strong as the weakest component, including the point of attachment.
When tie downs are attached directly to cargo, they should be attached symmetrically and above the cargo’s center of gravity to reduce the tendency of cargo to overturn.
Do not repair webbing, hardware or stitching/sew patterns.
All users must be trained in tie down selection, use and inspection, cautions to personnel, environmental effects, all applicable standards, regulations and tie down practices.
Be alert to hazards when securing cargo.
Tie downs should be protected from mechanical, chemical and environmental damage.
Tie down straps should be removed from service:
The identification tag is missing or not readable.
Holes, tears, cuts, snags or embedded materials are present.
Broken or worn stitches in the load bearing splices.
Knots in any part of the webbing.
Excessive abrasive wear or crushed webbing.
Signs of ultraviolet (UV) light degradation.
Distortion, excessive pitting, corrosion or other damage to buckles or end fittings.
Any conditions which cause doubt as to the strength of the tie down.

Multiprens USAs Tie Down Straps are made with high quality, resin-coated polyester for minimum stretch and maximum wear that’s required for securing cargo on flatbed trailers. All straps are labeled to meet CVSA guidelines, CHP standards, North America Cargo Securement Standards, DOT regulations and WSTDA recommended standards. All Multiprens straps are stenciled “MULTIPRENS USA.”

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