4″ Flat Hook

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A popular and robust fitting for your strap assemblies, Multiprens’ Flat Hooks get the job done.


0.44 kgs / 0.98 lbs


2,570 kgs / 5,665 lbs


High Strength Steel



Multiprens 4″ Flat Hook with Defender (215) is designed to work with Multiprens USA’s 4″ External Tie Down Webbing. The Defender keeps your web protected against abrasions.

The 4″ Flat Hook with Defender is finished in black powder coat with a stamped Multiprens Logo.

Weight: 0.44 kgs / 0.98 lbs
Assembly WLL: 2,570 kgs/5,665 lbs
Breaking Strength: 7,715 kgs/17,000 lbs
Material: High Strength Steel
Accomodates Web Size: Multiprens USA’s 4″ webbing
Shelf Length (Inches): 3.625
Shelf Width (Inches): 3.75
Shelf Height (Inches): 1.375
Color: Black
Product Category: Hardware
Country of Origin: China
Other Products Used In: 2042-27RF, 2042-30RF, 2042-27, 2042-30, 2042-40, 5942-27, 5942-30, 5942-40, 5942-2, 5042-2, 2042-27, 3042-27, 3042-30, 3042-40, 2032-27, 5042-22042-257, 3042-27, 3042-30, 3042-40, 3942-27, 3942-30, 3942-30, 4942-27, 4942-30, 49452-40, 4042-27, 4042-30, 4042-40

Standard Pack Quantity: 40
Unit Packaging: Individually
Standard Pack Unit Quantity: 1

These items are rated with breaking strength. Listed breaking strengths do not imply any working load limit. It is up to the manufacturer, assembler to determine the working load limit. The working load limit shall not exceed 1/3 of the hardware’s breaking strength.


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